About Us

Creative outlet leads to creative results

We created Dead Media Industries to share our passion for design and arts with likeminded folks across the globe. Dead Media Industries will hopefully evolve over time, so stay put. We hope you like it.

We love all things retro, movies and comics!

We pursue and promote quality and tactility. All of our posters are – and will be - offset printed on heavy uncoated paper. A printing technique that goes all the way back to 1875. Hence, Dead Media Industries.

The Concept in it's simplest form

  • We sell limited edition posters created by artists and designers alike.
  • Artists share, we curate and you buy, if you like it.
  • All posters are shipped collectively on release date – and we ship all over the world.
  • We may feature 1-2-3 (or none at all) artworks a month, but will make sure to notify you on twitter every time we feature a new piece of work.

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Terms of Service

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Sales, Shipping and Returns

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